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How To Use A Ouija Board – Ouija Board Rules

There aren’t many ouija board rules, but each line item is pretty important. If you are online today search for how to use a ouija board, you’ve come to the right place.

ouija board rules

I officially want to start off and tell you that you should absolutely NOT use a ouija board because whoever you think you will connect with will NOT be the person you will eventually start a conversation with.

It took me a very long time to figure that one out, friends. Expect lots of lies coming from the other side of the spirit board – even if they somehow know a lot about your life.

How To Use A Ouija Board – Ouija Board Rules

It’s hard to register what I’m saying. The spirits you connect with will somehow be able to tell you things that you know are absolutely true. But while you are rolling the dice, consider this – is it worth it? There are moments where you will find that the spirit attaches itself to you after you finish playing the game.

How to use a ouija board

If you want to speak to your long-lost loved one, just do so in a whisper. They are listening. You don’t need a ouija board for them to hear you. The undead are with us and always will be.

We are all just energy and energy lives forever in one form or another. Say what you need to say and release it from your soul.

But if this isn’t enough – if you still need to hear ouija board rules – I will try to keep you as safe as possible. I spent many years playing with spirit boards and have more ouija board experiences than I care to admit.

I will probably open up about them as time goes on. For now, let’s just talk about how to use a ouija board in order to keep you protected and what ouija board rules you need to know.

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Is the ouija board real

Is The Ouija Board Real?

Yes. I want to start off right here and now and tell you that the rumors are true. If you are wondering whether or not the ouija board is real, stop. It is. It is not a party game. It is not some silly thing young girls do. This is why I think you should reconsider your future plans.

What Are Some Ouija Board Rules?

Here are the absolute foundation basics – the ouija board rules you cannot forget. While some sites will tell you that you need to have candles and a full moon for dramatics, I just want to focus on what is truly important.

  • Don’t play. This is rule number one but you are going to completely ignore this – so let’s move on.
  • Always play with someone. Never (ever EVER) play alone.
  • You do not have to use a store-bought board. More on this in a bit.
  • You don’t need to say anything special to start a session.
  • When playing, everyone must make sure that they keep their fingers on the ouija board planchette at all times.
  • If you are in the room – you are playing. You are part of it. It doesn’t matter if your finger isn’t on the board. So, if something goes, south – you are mixed in. Perhaps get a “watcher” to photograph while the session is taking place to look for different orb colors.
  • Never taunt a spirit. Never try to pick a fight. Never show off or “dare” anyone to do anything. You never know what will actually happen.
  • Don’t ask spirits to enter your being. Have you ever seen a movie? Don’t be ridiculous.
  • Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.
  • Regarding the planchette – place one finger from each member on top and ensure that it is lightly pressed. If too firm, it will be hard to move.
  • It is best to try not to use a spirit board in your house. A top of the line ouija board rules. If you end up connecting with something evil (and you will), why bring that energy in your home. But by the way, it will connect to you anyway… so does this one really matter?
  • Speaking of locations, try not to use it in a place that you know is particularly evil – like The Conjuring House, for example.
  • Don’t ask questions about your death. Even if the spirit doesn’t actually know the true answer and lies to you – do you want to walk around with that “what if” answer in your head your whole life? Leave that question off the table.
  • In my experience, the infinity symbol over and over and over again – going faster and faster without answering any questions – usually meant I connected with someone pretty rough. Get out of dodge if you stumble across that type of movement.
  • When everyone is ready to end the session, say goodbye, count to three, and lift your fingers up at the same time. Pull the ouija board planchette off the board, close it, and put it away. Do not leave it open with the planchette still on the board. Out of all of these ouija board rules, remember this one!
  • I am going to say this one more time – you do not need to play this game. If you want to speak to the dead, go to a medium or a spirit guide instead. Ask for recommendations, pay the money, and save yourself.

These real ouija board rules pretty much sum up everything that I have to say about the matter. I can write an entire book on this paranormal subject. In fact, I started to and then I stopped because I thought that people would read it and then become so fascinated that they would do the exact opposite of what my original intention was.

Instead of deterring people from playing, I thought the book would encourage play. So, I decided to trash the whole project! I rather NOT have thousands of teens racing to make their own spirit board game after hearing my personal ouija stories.

Have these real ouija board rules deterred you or excited you? I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

ouija board game

Where Can I Buy A Ouija Board?

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If you are wondering where you can buy a ouija board these days, the answer is pretty much everywhere. You can go to Target, Walmart, or even Amazon and find dozens to choose from and they will all do the same exact thing.

A nice package all set up and easy for you to use. In your spirit board kit you will find your alphabet board as well as your planchette. I mean, what else do you need?

Handmade Ouija Board

However, I have a little secret. When I first started to play at 11 years old – yes, you read that correctly – my cousin took a piece of wood and carved out some letters all around the edges with a knife.

We made our very own handmade ouija board and it worked perfectly. It was as homemade as it came. That’s what we used whenever we spent time at his house. So, can you make a homemade ouija board? Yes. Absolutely. We’ve done it.

homemade ouija

Then we got together at my house, we figured out that we could use the outer box of a Scrabble set that I owned. It was simple. We lined up the alphabet pieces around the rim and made the spelling mechanism that way. The planchette was an old shot glass my mother had in the kitchen.

Of course, that was a little tricky whenever we came across a spirit that was a bit testy. They would push off all the pieces and we would have to frantically try to get them all back on the box as we played. Is it strange that I look back at it all a bit fondly?

More times than not, spirits respected the Scrabble letter boundary we made and our homemade ouija board worked.

The point it – the medium didn’t matter. Sometimes, we would even rip out pieces of paper and line them up around a rectangle of a table. The games that they sell are a gimmick.

They just make it easy for you to connect and carry at will. It was a ploy for the companies to get rich and quick.

But you don’t need them to do this. You just have to want to do it. You have everything you need right now at home to make a handmade ouija board and it will work.

ouija board chant

Do I Need A Ouija Board Chant?

No. You do not need a ouija board chant. Don’t worry about the movies. There is no “light as a feather” comparison that you need to memorize. Just start.

I’m sorry if you thought this would be sexier, but it isn’t. Just start. Talk. Ask your questions. Try to reach out to whoever you want to reach out to but know – with all of your heart – that you won’t be speaking to them.

Maybe you will get someone else interesting. Maybe you will find someone fun to chat with. Maybe… maybe. But odds are it will be someone sly and manipulative getting you warmed up and malleable.

The ones waiting around are not the ones you want to be connecting with. The ones we want to connect with are in paradise waiting for us and are not so easily reached. If they are so quick to grab, they are lost and usually up to no good. This is why I am telling you to treat the spirit board like the Internet – you are being Catfished, my friend.

spirit board

Why Are You Doing This?

I just want you to think about why you need to use a ouija board and try to dissect that feeling. I was pretty young and into the supernatural – still am as you can totally see. The thought of speaking to the dead invigorated me. It excited me.

I wasn’t trying to connect with my grandfather or my father for that matter. I just wanted to talk to dead people – any dead person. It didn’t matter! I wanted a story – a rush! I wanted to get scared. Until… it started to get really scary and then I couldn’t get out from under it for a very, long time.

There’ s a point that you cross where it stops being a game and it starts to become dangerous and you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Go cliff diving. Get a tongue ring. Color your hair purple and kiss all the boys. That’s what I did after I stopped doing all of this and it was TOTALLY BETTER than playing on the ouija board. It was LIFE – not death.

If you want to try this out once, go for it. We all have to get things out of our system. But I have to tell you one more thing and I want to put it under a really huge warning.

A Fair Warning

Last warning of the day, folks. If you keep getting the same spirit over and over again and he feels evil and won’t let anyone else through and has the same behaviors and movements – no matter where you go – you MUST STOP PLAYING.

It’s not cute. It’s dangerous. It means that something has seriously latched onto you and that something is not of this world and doesn’t want to bring you sunshine and rainbows. It is a deceiver. And the more you fear it, the more it will grow stronger – it is an odd cycle that you won’t be able to break for a very long time. It is very hard to get out from under. Almost impossible. Almost.

It can become strong enough to start harming you. Physically harming you. DO you want THAT? Think about it? Really think about it.

Play the ouija board once, get it out of your system and then MOVE ONTO THE NEXT THING. Again, if you are wondering if ouija boards are real – they are. If you want to hear my ouija board stories, you won’t. Not today. But I hope I’ve shown you enough for you to get an idea that I’m not messing around. Stuff happened and it wasn’t pretty.

Do the right thing. Purple hair – lots of boys.