Paranormal Investigators Launch Ghost Tours At The...

Paranormal Investigators Launch Ghost Tours At The Albuquerque Press Club In New Mexico

The Albuquerque Press Club in New Mexico is in the news this month because paranormal investigators are currently claiming that the location is haunted by ghosts. Paranormal activity isn’t uncommon at this location and for those interested, this Albuquerque ghost tour is now operating for those who dare.

Albuquerque Press Club

Paranormal Investigators Launch Ghost Tours At The Albuquerque Press Club In New Mexico

There are many haunted places to visit in New Mexico just in case you are looking to make a visit for this very reason. The New Mexico Albuquerque Press Club should be a destination marked on your list because there is real history to explore.

The establishment is actually an old log cabin that looks pretty standard from the outside. No spider webs or creaky wood planks to get the blood running, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Ghosts have been haunting this location for some time now and there are many locals who have claimed to have their own experiences. These claims are exactly what brought in paranormal investigators with one objective – to figure out if any of it is true or not. And exactly why a new Albuquerque ghost tour has sprung into action.

And if you know anything about the region, there aren’t many ghost adventures in New Mexico to choose from which means that the locals were up for the challenge!

Zachary Kluckman is the lead investigator for Horns Paranormal and is spearheading the efforts. He believes that a spirit named “Mrs. M” – the former owner of the cabin and a former nurse is one of the strongest presences to come in contact with guests to date.

“There have been several deaths associated with the place, you know tuberculosis patients who had passed on,” said Kluckman.

When asked whether or not he has personally had any contact with the undead at the Albuquerque Press Club, Zachary Kluckman says he HAS in the past and believes that the spot is actually haunted. Sentiments like these are why so many are trekking down seeking out ghost adventures in New Mexico and exactly why you should, too.

Are You Brave Enough

How To Sign Up For The Albuquerque Ghost Tour

If you are brave enough to want to sign up for the Albuquerque ghost tour yourself and are searching for paranormal investigators New Mexico style, you are in luck. The Horns Paranormal team is hosting their own ghost adventure in New Mexico with the hopes to hear from Mrs. M or any other spirit who has something to say.

Hopefully, this paranormal investigators New Mexico team will set you on the right track while seeking out haunted places in Albuquerque! After you take this tour, maybe you will want to venture around the country to check out the Conjuring Home or a haunted cemetery next.

Whatever you do – don’t bring a ouija board along on a ghost tour. YIKES! Not worth it, friends. Absolutely not! But be sure to take lots of pictures and look out for white orbs or different color orbs within each frame. You might get really lucky and photograph a ghost.

Paranormal Investigators New Mexico

The tour is open to the public, but you will need to purchase tickets ahead of time. Kluckmnan’s main hope is that everyone who attends the tour will be able to walk away with their own ghost story to tell to family and friends.

Ghost tour starts at 11:45 Sunday night. Click here for purchase information.

Must be 18 years or older to participate. No acceptions

Paranormal Investigators New Mexico – Information

Address Of Albuquerque Press Club

201 Highland Park Circle • Albuquerque NM

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