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The Best Quotes From Tremors: Shrieker Island

Tremors: Shrieker Island is a monster movie that focuses on survival packed with adventure and comedy. Available on Netflix and filled with familiar faces, this sci-fi movie offered up a ton of great quotes to enjoy.

Best Quotes From Tremors Shrieker Island

Burt Gummer must save the day when a wealthy playboy unleashes a gigantic, carnivorous worm and other monsters on a tropical island. It always starts out when someone with too much money makes a dumb mistake, right?

Well, Jon Heder and Michael Gross lead the cast in this fast-paced over the top island escapade. While watching the movie, I came across several quotes that I had to share – my top picks!

But before we get into that, here’s the trailer in case you haven’t heard of this movie yet.

Like I said, lots of monsters to enjoy!

This isn’t a movie that I would have paid to see in the theatre. However, watching it at home in my pajamas with my husband? I had a great time. There was always something happening and it wasn’t TOO campy.

Yes, you can expect the CHEESE LINE to get thrown out every now and then, but that’s what makes these kind of movies worth the watch. At least in my opinion. There’s a time and a place for every type of flick and I love a low budget explosion every now and then.

Truth be told, the monsters … or the Shrieker’s are pretty bad ass. They look incredible! So, bravo to the design team!!

Are you ready to read some of the Tremors: Shrieker Island quotes? Let’s get started! If I missed any of your favorites, please let me know in the comment section below.

quotes from tremor island

The Best Quotes From Tremors: Shrieker Island

“No one said it was going to be easy to take down this prey, but we wanted a challenge gentlemen. And well… we got one.”

“I’m loving this flame unit!”

“I’m going to start leading by example and… run!”

“One sometimes finds his destiny on his path to avoid it.”

tremors quotes

“Who needs guns when you’ve got Pennsylvania steel?”

This is it, Ram-boy. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

“When you’ve got wealth, the only currency worth a damn is life and death.”

  • Is that supposed to be good?
  • Does a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a white rabbit?

“This shy lady doesn’t want to show her face.”

“We’re ready to fraq their friggin’ asses!”

“You go Rambo! I’ve got the chainsaw. I’m gonna Evil Dead!”

“We can make a helicopter out of bamboo and gum.”

“I don’t get women. Too many moving parts.”

shrieker island

“Destiny’s a bitch.”

I got a serious case of swamp ass going on over here. “

They hunt by heat signature, like Predator.”

If you’re gonna piss like a puppy, you better stay on the porch.”

“If we make it out here alive, I’m gonna open an extra-large can of whoop-ass on you!”

This movie is also known as Tremors 7. So, if you enjoyed any of the originals, it definitely has that same vibe. No Kevin Bacon, though!


  • Michael Gross as Burt Gummer
  • Jon Heder as Jimmy
  • Jackie Cruz as Freddie
  • Richard Brake as Bill
  • Caroline Langrishe as Jas
  • Cassie Clare as Anna

Tremors: Shrieker Island was released direct-to-video on October 20, 2020.