What Is A Residual Haunting? Am I Experiencing It?

What Is A Residual Haunting? Am I Experiencing It?

When dealing with a residual haunting, you first have to understand the concept that a spirit can imprint energy after it leaves a location. A paranormal experience or a supernatural force can leave residual energy – like breadcrumbs – once they are gone from a particular space. It’s how we deal with that leftover energy that matters.

residual haunting

Residual hauntings aren’t really hauntings. In fact, it’s more of a recording of past energy that once was. Imagine walking into a space that once held a significant amount of energy – a heightened occurrence if you will. Once that energy leaves, a shadow remains that represents lingering energy.

​Residual hauntings typically occur when something really traumatic occurred in a location. This could be murder or another bodily violation. The negative energy that was created from the event gets metaphysically recorded onto the area.

Then, it repeats over and over again for all to witness – similar to a television show. The ghosts or spirits that are trapped in the loop are unaware anyone is even watching them.

While you might feel like you are being haunted, attacked, bombarded with the unknown…there really isn’t anything there connected to you. This wouldn’t be considered an intelligent haunting by any measure.

residual energy

How To Determine If It’s A Residual Haunting

There are a few ways to determine if what you are experiencing is a residual haunting. Is the energy responding to anything that you do or say? Or is it just playing by itself? This is the biggest clue.

Normally, in a regular haunting, the spirit is trying to latch onto their host and is trying to engage with you on a regular basis. With intelligent hauntings, a ghost or a spirit literally interacts with the living.

But past energy cannot do such a thing because there is nothing truly there to begin with.

afraid of infinite loop

Are you afraid? Or are things just happening in an unexplained manner?

Doors opening and closing at odd hours or footsteps walking at random. Do they make you feel threatened because there is an evil spirit associated with it or do the ghost noises just startle you? Really plug into your emotions. How does your body feel when these things are happening?

The most common way to determine whether or not you are dealing with a residual haunting is repetition. Are you finding the same thing is happening over and over again with no change whatsoever?

Remember the example we gave about the record? It’s like a song on repeat. Are you stuck on repeat? Do you only see the same door open and close over and over again? Does the same lamp turn on and off? If the answer is yes, then you have yourself lingering energy and nothing else.

These psychic impressions might seem like a haunting, but in the end, they are just leftover energy that you happened to find.

paranormal investigation residual energy

Do I Need A Paranormal Investigation?

If you still feel uncertain about the entire situation, by all means, hire a clairvoyant or conduct a paranormal investigation.

Haunted stories truly can make people uneasy in their own homes – as they should! If this will ease your mind, then get someone to check out your particular situation.

EVPS Will Not Work

Just a note on the paranormal investigation – EVPs will not work because the loops are not responsive or intelligent. Remember that. You cannot ask any specific questions or get any particular answers from this lingering energy because it’s just that – lingering energy.

So, if you are looking for answers, you won’t get any from a tape recorder. If you do hear any sort of message, it will be repeated over and over again. Please don’t forget this. Ghost hunters really won’t be much help here. Neither will ouija boards.

Could you ask a rerun a question? These past events are just playing in this moment but are not connected to the present in any way.

Tower of London's ghost, Anne Boleyn

Famous Residual Hauntings In History

The more emotionally charged the event, the bigger the imprint. That makes sense, right? One of the most famous residual hauntings out there to date is Tower of London’s ghost, Anne Boleyn. She was beheaded in 1536. Countless people have witnessed her spirit walking throughout the landmark surrounded by knights and ladies.

But her ghost is not confined to just the Tower. She has been spotted at Hever Castle, Windsor Castle, and Hampton Court. For a more detailed story about her afterlife, click here.

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Final Thoughts On A Residual Haunting

An infinite loop caught on our plane – a piece of their lives stuck on repeat destined to be played over and over again until the end of time. It isn’t dangerous. It just is.

infinite loop residual haunting

One more note before we close this one out – a residual haunting does not have to occur where the murder or extreme event took place. It just happens near it. For example, if a woman is murdered walking home from work, her infinite loop might take place in her home.

It’s where the ghost is most comfortable repeating their existence. What did they use to do over and over again? The shock of their murder could not stop them from doing this particular routine.

Is it walking up and down the stairs? Is it turning on and off their bedroom lamp? Is it rocking on their porch swing? The paranormal activity just mimics this over and over again. What does the residual energy want to do – better yet – what can’t they stop doing?


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