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Scary Phone Numbers To Call – Avoid These At All Costs!

Warning! These scary phone numbers to call are guaranteed to give you quite a fright. Unless you are ready to have a few sleepless nights, I would avoid them at all costs.

Looking to give someone the dare of a lifetime? Then read on because I found a dozen haunted phone numbers just waiting to connect with someone from the other side. Every number has a story. Let’s dive deep into each tale.

Scary Phone Numbers To Call

Scary Phone Numbers To Call – Avoid These At All Costs!

Before we begin, I must remind you to never give out any personal information to strangers – regardless of who they are. If someone actually does pick up, remember that! Dead or undead!

You should always protect yourself and the last thing you want to do is call a random number and start talking about where you live and who you are.

408-634-2806 – The Red Room

Rumor has it that if you call 408-634-2806, the people on the other end will be able to track you. In fact, it’s exactly what they plan on doing! The Red Room’s main intention is to bring people back to where they are and keep them. Once you are kidnapped, you will then either be tortured or killed. Why risk it?!

If that isn’t bad enough, The Red Room is also rumored to be live-streamed on the Dark Web.

1216-333-1810 – Year Zero

The number 1216-333-1810 is part of the Year Zero ARG. The story goes that a USB flash drive was found in the women’s bathroom at a NIN concert. On the drive, they found a song and a random MP3 file. In the file was this phone number.

When dialed, a recorded phone tap can be heard. If you want to read the transcripts, they are here. Pretty creepy. If you want to hear it first hand, dial away!


Here is the actual recording that you will hear if you call 786-519-3708. Have one of your friends phone up this scary phone number and don’t tell them what to expect.


Phone 828-756-0109 and all you will hear is a bunch of numbers – 0s and 1s to be specific. Over and over again. But what does it all mean?

0110010001100101011000010111010001101000 using a binary decoder actually means “death”. Pretty creepy, right?! Definitely belongs on our list of haunted numbers.

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What is happening? I think you should avoid 408-634-2806 at all costs because this is absolutely one of those creepy numbers to call that work. I can’t stop thinking about this one.


This isn’t going to work, but rumor has it that if you call, someone will call back because once you do, you are marked. In fact, people who have tried this number report that they continue to receive texts and calls – all hours of the night.

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This isn’t a haunted dial, per se. It’s just strange to listen to. This recording is of a man and woman taking turns saying complete sentences in order to perform a phone quality sound check. Back in the day, people used to do this by saying these kinds of sentences in order to test the strength of the phone’s connection.

Now that you know this, it isn’t scary… it’s more like weird numbers to call. But have a friend dial it up and don’t tell them anything! Odds are they will freak out a bit.


Rumor has it that the first three people who owned this number all died and now the telephone company will no longer give it out to anyone else. People from all over the world dare themselves to call the number to see if they can survive the curse.


This phone number is related to 5 Nights at Freddy’s. People still don’t know if the game developers put it out there or if a true fan did. That’s still debatable.

When you call, you will hear sentences like “How are You?” and “I Will Kill You!” – So be warned! This is also a great one to share with unknowing friends. Not haunted, just creepy.

407-734-0254 – Wrinkles The Clown

Yes, you can call Wrinkles the Clown. THE WRINKLES! Can you believe we found Wrinkle’s The Clown phone number? Why on EARTH anyone would want to phone him is beyond me? But here we are!

Scare everyone you know and book Wrinkles by dialing this spooky number for an upcoming party. He’s waiting.

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978 435 9163 – The Sobbing Man

If you don’t want to hear someone sobbing uncontrollably, this is the number to avoid. Absolute sadness and remorse. Fear, despair. What is the sobbing man so upset about?

090-4444-4444 – The Ring

This is specific to those that live in Japan. If you’d like, you could use Japan’s country code 81 to try to call it from where you are. Legend has it that when you call this number, you become cursed.

It was originally made to promote The Ring movie, but has since taken on a life of its own. That’s the thing about belief. When enough people are afraid of something – all that energy builds.

Are you going to give any of these scary phone numbers to call a try? I hope not! There is no way I am touching these cursed phone numbers!