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Are You Seeing Spirits In Dreams?

There are many reasons that people see spirits in dreams at night. In fact, the most common being they are being visited by someone they know from the afterlife who has a message for them.

To connect to spirits within your dream is not something anyone should be afraid of because it is a learning experience and a privilege. The types of spirits you may encounter include family members, pets, former friends, and even angel guides.

seeing spirits in your dreams

If you are seeing spirits in dreams, don’t be afraid. It is actually pretty common and has been for centuries. These are called visitation dreams and they often involve dreaming about someone close to you who has passed away.

In the dream, it may seem like the spirits are trying to tell you something or perhaps just comfort you. However, how do you really know what your dreams mean? How do you know why the spirits are there? 

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer E. Shorter , seeing spirits in dreams or having visitation dreams can be defined as “striking emotionally intense dreams in which a recently deceased loved one returns to provide guidance, reassurance, and/or warning.”  They are real and can bring much-needed love, joy, and solace to your life.

dreaming of spirits

What is the cause of seeing spirits in dreams?

If you are seeing spirits in dreams they may not necessarily be part of the paranormal realm though. It could simply be a manifestation from your subconscious or a trick of your mind. Explanations for these dreams could be found in science or history, as well as in the supernatural.

Why do spirits use dreams to communicate?

When you are dreaming, you leave your conscious mind, and all its logic, behind. You are open for symbols, metaphors and self-reflection that you may not see when you are awake. You may have to do a little dream interpretation work to understand the messages though.

Nina Kahn, a writer and artist, has mused that “perhaps dreams allow a little opening in our consciousness for the mystical realm to slip through—offering us a time to experience enhanced clairvoyance, divine inspiration, and even messages from the dead.” 

She continued, “Scientists truthfully know so little about dreams or why everyone has them, so, creepy as it may be, it’s worth it to open your mind to the possibility that maybe spirits can visit people in dreams to deliver messages, warnings, and beyond.” 


How do you know if the dreams are trying to tell you something?

When you wake up from a dream with a spirit in it and it feels so realistic, so intense, this may be a dream you should take note of. When your dreams seem uber visceral, they could have a powerful message for you.

These vivid, realistic dreams simply feel different than your normal ones. Pay attention to that feeling and what you remember about your dream. Be open to the idea that your mind is trying to work something out for you as much as it could be an actual spirit visiting you.

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Have spirits always used dreams to communicate?

The short answer is yes! For centuries, there are cultures that have always looked at dreams as spiritual experiences. The inhabitants of ancient Mexican and Chinese civilizations believed dreams let them communicate with those who came before.

Those in ancient Rome and Greece understood that dreams could reveal guidance from God or other divine beings. Stories of spirits visiting dreams have been featured in traditional beliefs, traditional myths and family histories.

The bottom line is that there has been a long record of believing in apparitions communicating through dreams throughout the world 

visited by spirits

What to do if you are visited by a spirit in your dreams?

The first thing you should do is to keep your mind open. Be open to anything this dream is trying to tell you. Spirits can come to comfort you as well as to bring a message or warming you didn’t know you needed. Try not to be afraid.

If the energy around you is fearful or angry, conjure up the feeling of love. Know that you are in control of your dreams. If you wake up feeling scared, simply tell the negative spirits they are not welcome in your space. Send them away with love.

Bottom line: Seeing spirits in dreams should not scare you.

If you have had one of these significant, realistic dreams, know that you are not alone. You are one of the lucky ones who has been chosen to receive a message. Be open to the possibilities of what you are being told or shown. The message might not be obvious.

However, with some time, patience, and guidance, you can usually figure out what seeing spirits in dreams might mean for you. 

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