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Sex Demons: Incubus And Succubus

Lately, more and more fantasy books and TV shows mention supernatural sex demons called Incubus and Succubus. These entities aren’t turned humans who now possess supernatural abilities, like vampires or werewolves. No, Incubi and Succubi (plural of Incubus and Succubus) are actually demons. Sex demons.

sex demons

What are sex demons? 

Sex demons are demons who sexually assault sleeping humans in order to get power and energy. The purpose for these attacks are for one of two reasons:

  • Pure fun and pleasure.
  • In some myths, the ultimate purpose of a sex demon’s attack is to conceive a child. 

Usually, the victims of sex demons shrug the whole encounter off as a dream. After all, how can one truly believe that something like this could ever happen in real life? However, when it comes to this particular supernatural creature, there are usually repeated assaults. These attacks lead to deteriorated health, tiredness (as they suck out the life force), and eventually death. 

There are two known names for sex demons – an Incubus and a Succubus. In the end, both represent the same negative entity. The only difference between an Incubus and a Succubus is how they choose their victims.

If the victim is a woman, then the demon who attacked her is an Incubus. This creature typically takes the form of an attractive male. If a sex demon tortures a man, then it’s a Succubus. This supernatural demon typically takes the form of a seductive female.

However, both entities are not bound by form or gender. They can shapeshift into whatever the human most desires. In truth, they look nothing like the beautiful masterpieces depicted in movies. Whatever the sleeping person desires, is what will come forward.

Some believe that both entities are from the same energy, just switching out their physical form. Others consider them their own units – with specific needs and desires.

Incubus And Succubus

Names, Powers and Weaknesses of the Sex Demons

Succubus is a combination of two Latin words and means “to lie under”. It has many other names depending on what folklore you are studying:

  • Indian – yakshini
  • Arabian – qarinha
  • Native American – deer woman
  • Chinese – mogwai
  • Greek – lamia

The name of the male part of the sex demon also came from the Latin word incubo, which translates as “a nightmare”. 

Succubi/Incubi have several special abilities that help them to torture humans. Except for the shapeshifting and dream manipulation, they can control human minds to some extent to evoke sexual attraction in them. Some victims say that sex demons can also put humans into a trance state or paralyze them, as even though the humans were aware of demons, they couldn’t move or scream.  

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Thankfully, there are known weaknesses we can discuss. They can be warded off by a prayer, holy icons, and exorcism. It is well-known that the longer a Succubus/Incubus is deprived of sex, the weaker it gets. 

How can an Incubus and a Succubus reproduce?

Since they are demons, both entities need a human to procreate. As a Succubus has sex with a man, they steal seeds from the male human. Then the demon shifts into a male form and has sexual intercourse with a woman in an attempt to impregnate her. If an Incubus’ victim does bear a child, it’s a half-human half-demon with magical or demonic abilities, and it’s called Cambion.

A cambion is the child of any half-human and half-demon. It is not specific to this type of paranormal creature.

Who is more dangerous? An Incubus or a Succubus?

Because an Incubus and a Succubus are two parts of one demon, you can’t compare them against each other. They have the same abilities but are dangerous to different people.

Who is the most powerful?

The most powerful Succubus to have lived is believed to be Lilith, the queen of Hell. She’s also the mother of all Succubi. Her counterpart – the first and most powerful Incubus – was Lilu.

How to summon a sex demon

How to summon a sex demon?

If you are curious about methods that allow you to summon a Succubus/Incubus, I’m glad to tell you that there isn’t one. While there are some rumors that there are blood rituals that could do the job, there is no information about what you could specifically do. At this point, you cannot summon one and there is no way to make you seem more appealing.

Fantasy movies, shows, books have been glamorized Succubi/Incubi, making them into these super hot supernatural beings capable of love, emotions, and kindness. But behind the mask of a beautiful woman/handsome man, there is a deformed disgusting creature with horns, fur, claws, tail. Does it sound like someone you’d want to get a visit from?

Is Ghost Sex Real?

Spectrophilia –  sexual attraction to ghosts – is real. There are people all around you who believe they have encountered a non-living entity in a physical way and liked it. You can even find videos of people claiming they want to marry the ghosts they are interacting with. Then again, you can find just about anything on the Internet.