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Learn The 10 Signs of Psychic Awakening

It doesn’t always take a near-death experience to reveal signs of a psychic awakening. In fact, you will find that most are born realizing they possess these special spiritual powers. Either way, when you are ready to accept this special gift, it will be ready to be received.

Signs of Psychic Awakening

Not actually sure what a psychic awakening is? Good news. I’ve got you covered! 

Learn The 10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Everyone is born with a sixth sense that helps people be intuitive and “see” things that don’t necessarily follow common logic. However, if you are not encouraged to use this sense or if you are actively discouraged from taking note of it, then you lose the ability to tap into it.

It’s as if you were born with an incredible ability to throw a ball crazy far but if you never picked up a ball to throw, you’d lose that ability. You have to flex this skill and continue using it on a regular basis. 

A psychic awakening can be triggered by just about anything. It can happen at any time in a person’s life. It is more of a feeling than a definitive episode.

If you are open to it, you may feel like you have started to see the world in a new, unique way. You may feel like you are blossoming in a new way, that you are suddenly more curious about the world around you.

10 Signs of Psychic Awakening

The signs of psychic awakening can mean that you yearn for more meaning in your life. It is an exciting time! Here’s what else to look for.

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Development of your Third Eye

During this time in your life, you will begin to develop your third eye. The third eye represents enlightenment and when opened, one see clearly, and remove any mental blockages that are in your way.

But when your third eye opens, it takes time and effort. Yoga, meditation, crystals, and detoxes will speed along the process. Once you begin to release your mental blocks, you will feel a tingling sensation and some pressure.

While many assume that it only happens in the third eye region (in the middle of your eyebrows on your forehead), it is possible to feel it elsewhere.

This sensation may be felt in your chakras or at the very top of your head and means your chakras are opening. 

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Desire for new relationships

One of the signs of psychic awakening is that you may outgrow some of the relationships in your life. The more shallow ones that are based on frivolousness may not seem enough for you anymore.

You are growing and learning and that may mean you outgrow people, places or things in your life. The Universe will take care of you though and lead you to more fulfilling ones that will nurture your new gifts. 


Extreme empathy

If you find that when you are in a room with another person, you can feel their energy and their emotions without them saying anything, your awakening may be happening. It’s not just that you know when someone is sad or joyful but that you actually can feel their emotion. It’s inside of you.

Some may belittle this gift, calling you too sensitive. But that’s not the case!

If you are experiencing this sign, know that you have to honor your own feelings and be careful not to absorb too much energy, especially negative energy, from those around you.

Limit the amount of drama around you on a regular basis.

Spiritual Psychic Awakening

Craving for healthy foods

Eating leafy greens instead of a candy bar may be part of a psychic awakening? Yes! If you are craving healthy foods more than normal it could mean that your awakening is happening.

If it is, your energy is vibrating at a higher frequency so it makes sense to gravitate towards foods that also have a higher vibration, like fruits and vegetables. These choices will help elevate your psychic gifts.

Yearning for more spirituality 

Are you suddenly yearning for more information about spirituality? Are you reading all the books you can find, scouring the web, or talking to all the spiritual leaders in your circle?

If so, then this may be an awakening sign. You are open and curious and the Universe is leading you to deepen your knowledge of your own spirituality and those around you.

The curiosity you feel can be exciting or scary. However, this desire for a richer, fuller, more meaningful life can only strengthen your life and your psychic gifts. 

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Increased frequency of life-like dreams

Sometimes an awakening sign come in the form of vivid dreams. Experts think that this may happen because you can offer no resistance in your sleep.

There is no second-guessing of what you feel or looking to confirm your intuition with logic. It is very helpful to have a dream journal (and pen) next to your bed so you can write your dreams down as soon as you wake up.

Write down whatever you remember, concentrating on what you remember using your 5 senses. Don’t think. Just write it down. Look for patterns later. Part of your spiritual awakening is to recognize to trust your gut and your psychic abilities.

Greater intuitiveness

Being intuitive is that gut feeling you have about a certain situation or person. Are you having that more often? Trust it. Be open to it. Allow it to become familiar and comfortable. Don’t be scared of this feeling. Believe in yourself and your ability. 

When you begin to recognize to trust your intuition, you start to know what to do for yourself, you become more aware of your own thoughts, are plugged into your personal emotions, and you become hyper-aware of things that are happening all around you.

It’s almost as if the light switch has finally been turned on for the very first time.

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Intensification of your 5 senses

You may find that you have physical manifestations of your awakening withing your five sense. Your hearing may be enhanced. Your vision is clearer.

You can taste the intricacies things that you have never experienced before. These are all psychic gifts, also called clairs. During the process of an awakening they will get stronger and more natural. 

  • Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing
  • Clairsentience – Clear Feeling
  • Claircognizance – Clear Knowing
  • Clairaudience – Clear Hearing
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As you start working with or feeling more energy, you may develop headaches. This can mean your awakening is opening up.

This can be a sign of psychic awakeneing, but be sure to check with medical professionals because it could also be the sign of other things. If you want to help alleviate this issue, experts suggest soaking your feet in warm water with essential oils added to it.

It may help draw the noise of excess energy away from your head towards your feet.  

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Ability to connect with spirits

One of the more obvious signs of an awakening is that you are able to connect with angels, spirits, and those who have passed away. This can feel like the presence of someone around you though that person is not actually there.

Be open to receiving spiritual awakening signs and work on developing your skills as a medium to experience this more deeply. You might even begin to pick up messages from your spirit guides easier – including angel numbers.

Reconnect With Your Soul

The signs of psychic awakening are varied but they all mean that you are opening up yourself to the Universe and allowing yourself to reconnect with your soul. Learn as much as you can about your gifts and the spiritual awakening process and trust the process of where the Universe is leading you.