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How To Summon Soap Sally And Where Her Legend Began

People near Tallapoosa, Georgia know all about Soap Sally. But have you heard about this legend? Rumor has it that this woman once lived near a swimming hole and was responsible for all the washing for the local town.

Soap Sally

In front of her house, there were always several over-sized black kettles on fire in order to help her with her laundry duties. Across her yard were clotheslines as far as the eye could see.

By day, Soap Sally looked like any other woman in town – putting in a hard day’s work. But the truth was she had a very dark secret. And it had to do with what she did at night.

How Did Soap Sally Get Her Name?

As you might have guessed, Sally used to make soap… but it wasn’t your typical kind. Her ingredients list was rather peculiar.

Rumor has it that she would head to town – late at night – and collect all the naughty children that misbehaved. People reportedly saw her roll in driving a covered wagon specifically seeking out naughty children to kidnap and bring back home with her. It is there where she would kill them and make use of their body fat to make lye soap.

She would turn them into soap by using the fats from their bodies as the base for her concoctions. Some say that she would make the mold to look like a human hand.

Runaways were also huge targets for her. Any child who was out at night unattended to was always at high risk for capture.

Local Legend

Today, people in the South still say things like, “Get home before dark! Or Soap Sally will get you!” OR … “You better listen in school or we will send Sally after you tonight!”

If you listen and follow the rules, you are safe. If you misbehave, then you are literally up for grabs. This threat has continued even after her death!

When Did This Urban Legend Begin?

This story dates back to the 1950s. Her legend stretched to many Mill Towns across the South and people still talk about her powers to this day.

The saddest part about this story is that the parents of the missing children never realized that they were washing themselves with the remains of their loved ones. It is a pretty cruel story if you think about it. Twisted and evil to the core.