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Stages Of Demon Possession To Look Out For

There are many stages of possession that one has to walk through before a demon takes complete control. It is a slow process and sometimes can happen right before our eyes which makes it even more dangerous to witness.

Stages Of Demon Possession

What are the stages of possession with regards to demon possession? Infestation, Oppression, and then complete Possession.

While there are many different entities that walk this Earth, you will find that demons are the most common entity to possess. It is very rare that a ghost or an unworldly spirit would go through the trouble to try to take over someone’s body. That’s why possession is typically discussed in relation to demons.

When a demon locks onto its target, it has the intention to take over complete control – mind and body. But this process cannot begin unless the host allows it. Most call this opening “giving permission.” There will be a moment when the person allows the demon access to their inner-self.

There is some great understanding that we can take away from this part of the process. We – as humans – actually have some control over demon possession. If we don’t allow them access to ourselves, then none of this can actually begin.

give a demon access to you

How To Give The Demon Access To You

There are a few ways that someone can allow a demon total access thus kicking off the possession process:

  • Losing all will and inviting the spirit in
  • Physically calling out for the entity
  • Touching a cursed item
  • Playing dark art games or even the Ouija board
  • Even thinking it internally is enough
  • Performing a ritual

The type of person that typically opens themselves to a demon is broken down and lost. They are tired and looking for someone to save them – willing to hang onto to any empty promise offered.

Unfortunately, there is a second type of person. The fool. The one who doesn’t quite understand what they are getting themselves into. The one who reads something on the Internet and lets curiosity lead the way. The one who now finds himself/herself in too deep.

choosing demonic victims

How do demons choose their victims?

I want to note that anyone can be possessed. You do not have to be Christian or Muslim or Jewish. Being an atheist does not free you from this infliction. These boundaries are beyond the care of a demon. We are all just people to them.

While movies often showcase animals showing possessed traits, there hasn’t been any documentation of our pets becoming targets. However, they do often become agitated whenever a spirit is around. So, if your dog starts barking – take notice. They are telling you that a demon, spirit, or ghost is around. But they aren’t warning you that they are possessed themselves.

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How Can I Tell If I am Possessed?

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you have begun the possession process. Look out for these specific signs:

  • Do you find yourself acting differently than you normally do? For example, have you picked up unusual habits?
  • Can you understand languages you never used to before?
  • How are your mannerisms? Are they unfamiliar?
  • Are you sleeping soundly? Do you feel at ease? Are you on edge?
  • How is your overall mood? Do you feel agitated?
  • How do you feel about religious artifacts? Do you respond positively to clergymen?

At this point, if you can answer these questions and agree that you are out of sorts, you are in the infestation stage of the demon possession. You have been infested by the demon. This is stage one.

demon oppression stage

Demon Oppression – Stage 2

I’m sure you’ve watched plenty of possession movies where the main character has gone from curiously confused to absolutely certain that something is wrong. This is where he/she transitions from stage one to stage two – demon oppression.

Demon oppression is when the demon lets you know they actually do exist and everything in your head is true. As a warning, things might start to get physical here. The demon’s main intent is to wear you down and it will start to abuse you in order to break down your will.

Expect things like bites and scratches and horrific assaults. There won’t be a safe place for you to hide. If you aren’t a member of the church, you should consider finding one. You should also consider contacting a psychic or someone that can help remove this entity from your presence.

Remember, no matter where you go, the demon will follow. So, as a reminder, it’s not about leaving your home. It’s about cutting the tie you have with the demon.

exorcist fox

One of the best shows I’ve seen that took the time to truly walk us through the stages of demon possession was Exorcist – which aired on Fox. If you have some time, be sure to watch how the demon toyed with that family and eventually tore down all boundaries.


Angela Rance believes something is very wrong in her home. Plagued by increasingly frightening nightmares, she isn’t the only one in her family suffering: her husband Henry is slowly losing his mind, while their older daughter spends all of her time locked in her room and the younger one believes she hears strange noises coming from inside the walls. Desperate, she turns to Father Tomas Ortega — the progressive leader of their suburban Chicago parish — setting him on a collision course with old school Vatican soldier Father Marcus Brennan, as all their fates become entangled in a battle against an ancient force of evil.

Wikipedia — Available on HULU

Once all boundaries have been broken, it is most likely that the person just gives up. All faith is lost and the entity now has what it needs to take complete control. It is at this point where the person usually starts to hear voices to harm others. They might even start doing so.

Let’s recap where we are so far:

  • Infestation – whispers, objects moving, being aware of a presence
  • Oppression – attacks, mentally swayed to harm, depression, the demon makes itself known, filled with despair
  • Possession – giving into the request, demon takes over
demon possession

Possession Or Multiple Possessions

During this stage, it is important to note that diabolical oppression and possession can take the form of one or multiple entities. When one gets possessed, it doesn’t necessarily have to take place by one demon. In fact, in more cases than not, several demons take over the host.

Over time, there have been countless records stating that victims were housing more than one demon within their bodies – thus making the exorcism harder to perform.

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What to do if someone is possessed?

When you reach this final stage of demonic possession, possessed people need help from a professional. There is nothing you can personally to do remove the link that bonds you and the demon/demons. A church member, priest, paranormal specialist, or someone who specializes in exorcisms needs to take over.

You will no longer be in control of your body and there might be long stints where you refuse to eat or drink and self-harm on a regular basis. This will all be out of your control. If you feel like you are possessed by demons, please consult an expert immediately.