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Are Your Teeth Breaking In Your Dreams? Teeth Falling Out? Here’s Why!

A dream where your teeth are falling out or breaking is a spiritual sign that there is something in your life you cannot rely on. It could also represent insecurities you have about your physical appearance or mental state. Let’s dive deeper into this dream analysis.

teeth breaking dreams

Like with any dream, always think about what it would feel like to have the situation occur to you in real life. Think about your teeth in your mouth. You don’t do that very often, right? They are things you rely on – sturdy, dependable.

If they suddenly break, that is a MAJOR ISSUE! This is not something that is typical during our lives. So, if your teeth break in a dream or fall out, it is a sign that cannot be ignored.

What Does It Mean To Have Broken Teeth Dream

What Does It Mean To Have Broken Teeth Dream?

Let’s dissect the ‘teeth breaking’ dream and really uncover what type of truths it has in store for you. When we come across teeth in dreams, they are generally in situations like breaking, falling, rotting, losing a tooth, or even spitting teeth out.

When you think about our teeth, in real life again, we usually hide them until we are ready to put them on display. They are in our mouths and behind our lips. COVERED. They are private. Teeth represent something that is personal.

So, when trying to understand a dream where teeth are falling out or breaking, you have to first understand that you are dealing with an internalized issue.  Let’s walk through several ideas:

Are you having communication issues? Typically, teeth breaking dreams are a signal that you cannot communicate properly or that you are having a hard time changing someone’s opinion. The frustration you feel eventually explodes… and breaks your teeth. It pushes its way out of you.

losing teeth in dream

Are you feeling powerless? Another use for teeth is… eating or attacking (if you are an animal). So, a dream about a broken tooth can also indicate a loss of power. If you were in the wild, would you be able to take care of yourself? Fend for yourself?

A broken tooth means you are without your defenses. You are injured. You need attention to correct the imbalance. Your dream is telling you to deal with your insecurities.

Do You Have Rotten Teeth In Your Dream? 

 Seeing rotten teeth in a dream is a sign of loss in your life. The dream could point to a symbolic loss or a real-life one. Has someone who you once loved recently disappointed you?

rotten teeth dream

The rotten teeth in your dream may also represent something in your life that is moving away or changing. This could relate to emotional strength. It doesn’t have to be a person. Do you feel a shift in your life?

Rotten teeth dreams symbolize slowly losing something very important right in front of you. An important piece of your identity is literally decaying. But here is the question – are you ok with it? Is it time to let this thing go?

The symbol is awareness. Your mind is telling you that you ACCEPT the removal of this item/person from your life. At this point, do you want to fight to keep it with you or are you ready to release it back to the universe?

Finally, having rotten teeth in a dream can also symbolize an emptiness inside of you. Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you feel wronged? Do you feel… dirty? Are there any health issues that you are absolutely ignoring that you shouldn’t be?

teeth falling out in my dreams

Are Your Teeth Falling Out?

This type of dream where your teeth completely fall out actually is more common than you think. The number one reason for these dreams revolves around stress. Are you stressed right now?

When there are teeth falling out in your dreams, it is generally because there are major issues you are facing. They could be:

  • personal
  • financial
  • marital
  • emotional
  • overall general issues during a difficult phase in your life

Are you stuck in a transitional period? Do you feel lost? Are you in a stage in your life where you feel like you are losing power? There are many phases in life that we walk through where this makes sense.

When you lose your teeth in a dream, it’s become you’ve lost all sense of control and you are spiralling.

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Common Interpretation Of Breaking Teeth In Dreams

More thoughts to consider:

  1. Poor Personal Health Choices – Are your teeth falling out because you aren’t taking care of yourself?
  2. Trauma – Has something traumatic happened to you recently that you haven’t addressed?
  3. Are you a teeth grinder in real life? Perhaps your body is warning you about what you are doing in real-life through your dreams. Do you grind at night?
  4. Depression – If you are depressed it could lead to lower self-worth, which might result in your devaluing yourself. In your dream, if your teeth break, rot, or fall out, you might be putting that imagery onto yourself because you don’t think you are good enough.
  5. Stress/Anxiety – We’ve discussed this at great length. Stress is a killer. Literally.

As mentioned, there many interpretations of breaking teeth in dreams, and sadly, none are really related to positive imagery. But I wanted to take some time to give you an idea of what to do next with these thoughts.

Recognize your dream interpretation as a sign from the universe that you acknowledge pain, stress, and an overwhelming sense of anxiety in your life right now. Make an effort to move forward and correct these issues.

Try to figure out ways in which you can gain back control of your situation – one small moment at a time. If there was a loss – deal with it. If there is a communication issue – deal with it. If you have insecurities – deal with them. The process will be challenging, but you owe it to yourself.

And as one final reminder, all is not lost. The most beautiful thing about a dream is waking up and deciding whether or not you want to hold onto it.