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5 Things You Don’t Know About The Conjuring House

The Conjuring House is probably one of the most famous paranormal locations on the East Coast documented to date. Ever since The Conjuring movie series hit the big screens, paranormal fans across the globe have made the trek to Rhode Island in hopes of catching a glimpse of something supernatural. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Conjuring House

5 Things You Don’t Know About The Conjuring House

We’ve dug up 5 interesting facts about this supernaturally charged location that all fans need to read. Sure, you’ve probably heard all about Ed and Lorraine Warren, but do you know about the Bathsheba witch? The real Conjuring ghost isn’t what was portrayed in the movie.

bathsheba witch

(1) Meet Bathsheba Sherman – The Conjuring Real Story

Rumor has it that Bathsheba Sherman was a witch (unrelated to the Old Hag) and her spirit is the one that is most active within the real Conjuring House. Bathsheba – aka Bathsheba witch – was born in 1812 and eventually married fellow Rhode Islander Judson Sherman.

The pair moved in together on this 200-acre farm and had at least one child together. Records are pretty sketchy and claims vary.

Right now, any sane person should be asking WHY people thought that Bathsheba Sherman was a witch. If we go back to history, we know that most of the witch trials revolved around women stepping out of line and murdering them was a means of controlling the situation. Don’t get me started.

However, historic records show that a child died in the Bathsheba witch’s care and when the body was examined, the cause of death was determined to be “a large sewing needle that had been impaled at the base of the child’s skull.”

That sounds… awful. Bathsheba Sherman was eventually cleared of these charges, but you know how people are – a “tarnish” is a “tarnish” and she was a witch no matter what the court’s final judgment was.

So, how does this all tie together with hauntings? WELL, when paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were interviewing Carolyn Perron – owner of the Conjuring House – she said she felt a terrible pain in her leg. When she examined it, it was BLEEDING!

The wound was described as a “perfectly concentric circle” … “as if a large sewing needle had impaled her skin.” YIKES. Sounds very Bathsheba Sherman to me!

Conjuring Family

(2) The Conjuring House Is Still Haunted According To New Owners

I know that we watched The Conjuring movie and The Conjuring 2 movie and it all buttoned up nicely. But guess what? The new owners of the infamous home have something they want the public to know. The place is still haunted.

Horrendous smells, white orbs, missing items, inanimate objects moving from one spot to the next – you name it and they are dealing with it. But that’s not all.

“Footsteps, knocks, we’ve had lights flashing in rooms … And when I say lights flashing in rooms, it’s rooms that don’t have light in there to begin with.” Heinzen told the New York Post.

“We’ve had a few moments in here that have made us jump a bit,” he adds. “We’ve had doors open on their own, footsteps, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena, and some awesome spirit-box sessions.”

Get me out! Why would anyone ever buy a house that is haunted? I’ll never understand. It’s almost as if they’ve never seen a scary movie before. I’m sure they see different orb colors in every single photo they take!

Perron Family

(3) The Real Perron Family Lived In The Conjuring House For Ten Years

Can you imagine? TEN YEARS! As we mentioned, the Conjuring movie is a version of the actual truth. A condensed and glorified version if you will. In actuality, The Perron family lived in the Conjuring house from 1970 to 1980. That is ten whopping years.

Dealing with paranormal experiences for a decade – losing your mind and feeling absolutely helpless. I couldn’t even begin to imagine such a thing. Would you be able to stay for ten days? Forget about ten years!

(4) The Perron Family Didn’t Know They Were Buying A Haunted Home

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I was curious about this and so I did a little research into The Conjuring true story. When looking through documents of the Rhode Island sale, nothing was disclosed about previous paranormal activity. Isn’t that illegal!?

No, it isn’t. According to the law, Rhode Island does NOT require sellers to disclose any supernatural activity while selling a haunted house.

But get this – if you read the book, House of Darkness House of Light written by Andrea Perron which is based on everything that actually happened during her life – the Perron daughter said that when her family moved in, the man who sold the house told her father, “…leave the lights on at night.” UNREAL!

The Real Conjuring House

(5) The Conjuring Home Might Become A Tourist Attraction – Ghost Tours In The Works

Cory and Jennifer Heinzen are the latest owners of the farmhouse that was built in 1736. Rumor has it that the couple is planning on turning the property into a tourist attraction.

Have you ever wanted to tour a haunted house – I mean a REAL ONE? Well, you will be able to thanks to the Heinzen family. You know that there is more than just residual energy in those four walls.

The previous owner did not feel the same way about the Rhode Island home. In fact, they actually sued Warner Bros. after the release of The Conjuring because their life was absolutely turned upside down by thousands of horror fans flocking to their property every year. It was all too much!

Cory and Jennifer Heinzen – who are both paranormal investigators – are hoping for that many visitors and MORE!

“It’s a piece of history, both American history and paranormal history. … And it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own something that falls into both categories, so we decided, you know, you only live once so why not take a chance at it,” said Cory.

Well, what do you think? Would you want to visit The Conjuring House? Would you actually go inside? Maybe after this trip, you can go and visited a few haunted cemetery locations as well.

Conjuring House Address

Where Is The Conjuring House?

The Conjuring house address is 1677 Round Top Road in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The house sits on The Old Brook Farm which was originally part of a 200-acre farm.