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The Snake Bite Dream And What That Means For Your Future

A snake bite dream means that you are currently dealing with irrational fear and frustration in your life. The venom of a snake has lasting effects – long after the bite occurs. Consider this emotionally as well – what are you holding onto longer than you should? What fear or shame do you need to address?

snake bite dream

The Snake Bite Dream And What That Means For Your Future

Interpreting dreams and what they mean for you is a critical step in your spiritual growth journey. It’s important to listen to the messages that the universe and your subconscious send you – especially when you are in a restful state.

When you have a snake bite dream, you must consider it as a warning. There is something that needs to be addressed. There is something in your life that you are ignoring – what that is I cannot tell you. But you have received a warning to finally address what truly needs your attention.

snake dream meaning

Just like venom, it is usually related to something toxic in your life. Are you in a relationship that you no longer should be in?

Has your work environment become so unhealthy that it is no longer viable for you to be a part of that team?

What about your family? Is someone mistreating you? Really dissect your personal space and find the issue – the venom – and face it head-on.

Unpopular opinion – are you the one that is causing yourself harm? This is also something that you should look at as well. Is your personal issues the cause?

snake bite interpretation in dreams

What does it mean when you dream of a snake biting your hand?

If a snake bite occurs directly on your hand during sleep, then it could mean that you have lost all your ability to control your emotions in your real life. Our hands are tools that handle most of the heavy lifting during our day-to-day lives. If they were to become numb and paralyzed, what would happen to us?

That’s what’s happening emotionally with you right now. You need to address that.

snake bite on foot

What does it mean when you dream about a snake biting your foot?

Similar to the hand / arm analysis, if you get bit on your foot then you are immobilized or stuck in your current state. You feel like you cannot grow beyond where you are planted. Have you hit a wall?

Feet also represent balance. We need our feet to stand – two feet in particular work together to keep us functioning.

If one foot gets struck, we would fall. Do you feel out of balance? This snake bite dream could be telling you that you are completely out of sorts right now and it’s time for a major reset.

What does dream of snake mean?

If you have a dream about a snake and it doesn’t bite you, then you need to think about HOW you felt when you saw the snake. If you were in a panic when the snake appeared, then still consider it a warning.

However, if you were at peace when the snake appeared in your dream, do not worry. The animal represents more of a healing symbol than anything else. It means you are on a journey of mending.

Do Snake dreams mean pregnancy?

Believe it or not, in certain cultures, there is some belief that a snake bite in a dream could be a prediction that there will be pregnancy in your near future. This goes against any other dream interpretations that we’ve discussed thus far.

But like all things in life, there are many different stories to every tale. I like to talk about everything that I learn because I believe it’s good to hear every side.

attacked by snakes in dream

What does it mean if you dream of being attacked by a snake?

Are you paralyzed in your life and unable to make a decision about something? Again – think about how venom would react in your system if it were to enter you from an actual attack.

With a snake bite dream, you have to start thinking about what you AREN’T facing in real life – what are you NOT addressing. Find the courage to do so.

Is There Anything Positive About This?

Change hurts. Evolving hurts. Addressing the horrible things in your life will never be easy. But do you know what? When you come out on the other side of all of this, you will be able to breathe again.

Take this as a wonderful sign that you are ready to tackle your issues and do just that.