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10 Tools for Ghost Hunting

Ready to gear up for your next ghost hunting trip? There are specific tools you need for the job. Not only do you need to be patient, open-minded, and persistent, but you need the right gear on hand.

tools for ghost hunting

What tools do you need to ghost hunt? You will need to bring an EMF reader, headlamps, a voice recorder, an infrared thermometer and more.

For the full list of the equipment to buy before beginning your adventure, see below.

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EMF reader

emf reader

Electromagnetic field (EMF) reader is one of the classic ghost hunting tools that every ghost hunter should have. Why? Because a lot of paranormal investigators believe that the energy of our bodies is converted into electromagnetic energy after we die. So, a spike registered by an EMF reader can indicate the presence of a ghost. 

The KII EMF Meter Deluxe Black – Paranormal Research Meter is an inexpensive, simple, and small tool. It works well for ghost hunting and hunting for harmful EMF levels in your home. But be careful not to order a Chinese copy. 

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor is another inexpensive option many people have bought for seeking out spirits. It has a silent mode. So, if you also record noises, the EMF device won’t interfere with the readings. 


headlamp for ghost hunting

Most ghost hunting usually occurs at night. You will absolutely need a headlamp if you plan on getting in and out of dark spots and want to keep your hands clear for other important equipment.

Vont ‘Spark’ LED Headlamp Flashlight is a lightweight, battery-powered, waterproof headlamp with seven brightness modes. 

Super Bright LED Headlamps 18650 USB Rechargeable is a zoomable, adjustable, waterproof headlight with three brightness modes and rechargeable batteries.

Both options are great for ghost hunting during the night.

Voice Recorder

voice recorder for spirits

When you go on a ghost hunt, there is a chance that the ghosts will try to communicate with you. So, a voice recorder is another must-have tool.

Even if they don’t talk to you, the spirits might still say a word or a phrase that’s barely audible to human ears, and you’ll want proof of that. It’s better to have an audio recording device that can detect low-frequency sounds. 

Olympus VN-541PC Voice Recorder is a great choice because it’s capable of recording low-frequency and ultra-high-frequency sounds. It has a noise-cancellation feature, compact design, 4GB internal memory.

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder is another option that offers you bigger internal memory – 16GB. It has a portable design, high recording quality, and a long-lasting battery. 

Infrared Thermometer

ghost hunting tools for heat

It’s hard to hunt for ghosts since you can’t really see them. That’s why a lot of paranormal investigators carry an infrared thermometer with them. They believe that when a ghost appears, it’s usually accompanied by a temperature drop.

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 749 (Not for Human) is a handheld thermometer packed with useful features. It measures the temperature accurately, has a wide range (from -58°F to 716°F), and has a 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio. 

HOLDPEAK HP-2732 Pyrometer is another handheld tool. It’s a bit more expensive because it offers you a 30:1 distance-to-spot ratio, meaning you’ll be able to measure the temperature of your object from a greater distance. It also measures temperatures ranging from -58°F to 2731°F with high accuracy.

Thermal Imaging Camera

thermal camera

There is a more convenient way to measure temperatures at the haunted places – a thermal video camera – but these tools cost more. Consider this a professional upgrade.

Seek Thermal Revealpro is a high-resolution thermal camera with a flashlight and a rechargeable battery. It works well during the day and night and measures temperatures ranging from -40°F  to 626°F. The thermal images you take are saved automatically to a MicroSD Card – included in the package. 

Seek Thermal Compact – All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS transforms your iPhone into a thermal camera. It’s convenient because you don’t have to carry another gadget with you. It comes with a waterproof case, measures temperatures ranging from -40°F  to 626°F, and is suitable for a night hunt. 


ghost hunting camera

And speaking of cameras, you’ll definitely need to add a camera with night vision to your arsenal. It’d be a total waste of a ghost hunt if you see some paranormal activity but fail to record it, right? 

Your smartphone might work (especially iPhone) if you download a special app for it, but the video quality won’t be the best, and they won’t work in complete darkness. So consider investing some money towards a proper camera. 

Ghost Hunting Night Vision Full Spectrum Video Camera is an inexpensive gadget designed for catching paranormal activity. It has 4K Ultra HD resolution, IR light, night vision, and WiFi features. You can mount it like GoPro cameras, so your hands will be free to handle other equipment. The only downside is its sound quality as it’s not very loud. But if you use a separate voice recorder, it shouldn’t be an issue. 

Camcorder 4K Video Camera with Microphone is another affordable option with 4K UHD resolution, night vision, microphone, and remote control. 

Ghost Box

ghost box

Once you detect and record the presence of a spirit with your EMF reader, IR thermometer, and camera, what’s your next step? Communication with the ghost, of course. You’ll need equipment that enables you to receive answers to your questions. That’s what a ghost box is made for.

SBox Ghost Box Scanner with Spirit Box and EVP Recorder is a compact AM/FM sweep scanner with a loud sound, a rechargeable battery, and a feature to record your EVP session. To be able to record your communication with a ghost, you’ll need to buy a memory card (it’s not included in the package). 

SB7T Spirit Box Paranormal Research Device with Ghost Augustine Flashlight is another battery-powered AM/FM sweep scanner. It has an automatic temperature deviation detection feature, a built-in flashlight, and it comes with a wrist strap. 

If you are new to using a ghost box, you might want to check some video tutorials before you start your sessions. 

Motion Detector

motion detector

While motion detectors won’t probably react to a ghost movement, it’ll be useful if the spirit you’re hunting starts moving objects around. 

CPVAN PIR Motion Detector Alert is portable, easy-to-install, and has a remote control. It has two alarm options – alarm ring and door ring – and can be powered with a USB cable or batteries. 

The Google Nest offers a significant bump in surveillance quality, but you will pay for the upgrade.

You can choose any of these devices, and rest assured – you won’t miss any ghost activity.

Mobile Apps

If you are on a tight budget or a beginner hunter who doesn’t know if ghost hunting is worth it, you can try turning your smartphone into a ghost hunting tool. After all, we live in a time when everything can be done through a phone, and hunting for spirits isn’t any different. 

Some applications can substitute actual tools, such as XB7 Free Spirit Box, Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC, Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector, Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio, etc.

Ghost Hunting Kit

ghost hunting kit

It’s often cheaper to buy a set than individual parts. It also applies to ghost hunting tools. Most kits consist of essential items and cost around $200.

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ultimate Ghost Tech” costs $170 but offers you everything you need. It includes an EMF meter, motion sensor, EVP recorder, vibration detector, IR thermometer, a case, and a book that explains how to do a proper paranormal investigation.

The Original Ghost Hunting Kit by Gen-El costs $159. It offers you the same items but without the book.

These are the tools that will help you detect any paranormal activity in your house or other haunted places. But I must warn you, it’s easy to offend a ghost, and there is a chance of you encountering an unfriendly spirit. So be careful and don’t ever go on a hunt alone.