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10 Facts About Water Sprites

Water sprites are tiny, mythical spirits who are the elemental guardians of water. Playful, protective, and small in size, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this folkloric creature.

The term sprite comes from the latin word “spiritus” which translates to spirit. So, these creatures are natural spirits geared towards protecting their surroundings.

Of course, according to folklore and most modern literature, we come across fairies, sprites, spirits, and nymphs. They aren’t linked to one region of the world either. Many cultures across time have told their children tales of these mythical beings.

water sprites

Water sprites – also referred to as water faeries – were even at one point in our history considered divine. We can trace their roots all the way back to the Ancient Greeks.

However, you will find most references pick up in European literature starting around the 12th century.

10 Facts About Water Sprites

So, who exactly are water sprites and what do we know about them? With hundreds of years of written stories dedicates to this tiny pixie, it’s hard to gather much more than a few tidbits here and there from any given source.

Here’s a list of 10 known facts that we know about water sprites.

Guardians of Water

The water sprites have one purpose and it is to be the elemental guardians of water. That is why you will always find them by a lake, river, or stream. Every fairy has a responsibility to nature and the water fairy needs to always be close to water to perform their duty.

As you know, water is the giver of life. It has healing powers and needs to be protected at all costs. So, it makes sense that there are natural creatures dedicated to making sure that balances remains at all costs.

Able To Breathe Under Water

Water sprites are said to be able to breathe both water and air. This makes them different from other sprites. This makes it very easy for them to hide from humans when they get too close to their natural habitat.

There are some stories that claim that these sprites can fly. Though, the more you read about water fairies, you will find conflicting information about this.

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these creatures are mostly harmless

Sprites Are Mostly Harmless

Are sprites evil? Weather sprites are not violent and are typically harmless. If you attack one, the group will respond. This doesn’t mean that they are a mean group, it just means they are protective of their kind. Wouldn’t you do the same?

The point of this tip is should you ever come across a water elemental, do not harm them and they will not harm you.

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They Are Extremely Playful

You will be happy to hear that most sprites – across the board – are very playful. Even though their main objective is to protect certain energy spots, healing spots, water holes, and rivers, they are known to have a lot of fun!

Look out for a lot of energy and high-paced activity – especially around shallow or fast-flowing water. If you find yourself near waves or lots of traction by the shore, the energy level will heighten.

water fairy

Take Many Forms

Water pixies look after the rivers as well as the animals that benefit from the water and surrounding area. But something that you might find interesting is that some water faeries can take on different forms.

There are stories of these sprites looking like a bull, a cat, a dog… even a man! So, don’t be surprised if you see an unusual shape.

Water Sprites Are Small In Size

More times than not though, a sprite fairy will be between the size of an insect to the size of a childish elf. This is why it is very hard to see them while they are zipping around and protecting their natural habitat.

what is a sprite


A very common trait amongst all fairies, nymphs, sprites, and most mythical creatures is that they are unpredictable. You cannot anticipate what they will do because you have no idea what their assessment of you will be.

Your best bet is to observe from afar. Live and let live – so to speak. If you see a water fairy trying to take care of her stream or energy epi-center, just let her. Leave her alone.

Full Of Energy

Regardless of the unpredictability, one thing is clear, these creatures are FULL of energy. You will not be able to keep up with their flight patterns, swimming patterns, or escape route.

Wherever you come across one, remember – it will be on their homeground. You don’t have at-home advantage. They do. If you try to trap a water fairy, they might turn into a menacing creature that is more interested in harming you over anything… and you wouldn’t want that!

Also Known As Pixies

In folklore, sprites are also known as pixies. They might look like fairies, but they are much smaller and don’t have as much magic as their mythical counterparts.

They also don’t typically speak which is the opposite if what we know about fairies. Fairies tend to speak (more or less).

So, while we might want to call these adorable creatures water fairies, we would be better off calling them water pixies, instead.


Love To Dance

Last but not least, these water pixies love to dance. You will find them hopping, skipping, and leaping all across the water they are guarding and it will be quite the sight to see.