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What Are Orbs?

What are orbs? If you were to ask a person who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, they would tell you that they are simply balls of transparent light. But as we discussed previously on this website in the past, orbs are much more than that. They are representations of spiritual energy.

What are Orbs

If you happen to find white orbs of light in photos, you are in luck! That means you photographed a spirit. Different orb colors mean different things – so a red orb doesn’t mean the same thing as a purple orb. It just isn’t that simple.

Orbs are energy and energy is connected to something… more. You wouldn’t be reading this post if you thought it was such a piece of dust or a smudge on your camera lens.

You felt that energy before you even started typing the question in the URL bar. You knew the answer before you finished asking the question. You saw something and it was spiritual.

Why Do I See Orbs

Why Do I See Orbs?

So now that we’ve acknowledged that orbs are spirits and that they are around us, we need to ask the second pertinent question. Why do I see orbs? Why ME in particular?

Out of all the people in the universe, why am I sensitive enough to pick up on this energy? Who do I see orbs?

Well, odds are you are into this sort of thing and that you are picking up these signs because you want to. Ever read a book about a red balloon and then all of a sudden you happen to see red balloons everywhere. That’s just your brain selectively noticing things that were always there.

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In fact, everyone should be able to see orbs, they just choose not to because it doesn’t interest them. But you? YOU LIKE IT.

Your ability to see orbs comes from the fact that you are looking for them. Plain and simple. Are you photographing dark corners and then dissecting every frame? Are you thinking about someone special and then looking for evidence of their presence? It all makes sense, right?

The ability to see orbs isn’t really so much of an ability as it is just a focus. You are focused on the red balloon…. err… orb.

Seeing Orbs With Your Eyes

Most orbs are usually seen through recordings – like photographs or videos. If you find yourself around ghost activity, odds are when you photograph your surroundings then balls of light will show up.

But seeing orbs with your eyes isn’t as easy. After all, when was the last time you were walking on Main Street and saw a semi-transparent whitish circle floating in thin air? Not very common.

No – you need to rewind the past in order to see an orb. It’s not really something you will be able to see LIVE. No matter how much you’d like to see orbs in person – it’s just not going to happen.

Orbs In Videos

Your best bet is to witness orbs in video or in photos. I love to watch orbs floating all around. In fact, I’ve included several YouTube clips showing orbs in videos for you to check out.

Orbs Debunked

You will find plenty of photos that look like they have orbs in them but turns out its just water or dust or smudge on lenses. That is ok. Just because some photos are debunked does not mean that all orb photos are fake.

Do not forget this. Just because a friend of yours figures out one picture on the Internet is fake does not mean all photos are fake. One does not represent all.

You know what you feel in your heart when you look at the photo you took. You know how you felt when you took it. What is an orb? It’s a ball of spiritual energy that you captured with your camera. Isn’t that an amazing thing?