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What Do I Do If My Child Sees A Ghost?

Are children more in tune with the spiritual world? Can kids see ghosts and communicate with the supernatural easier than their adult counterparts? 

Most believe that children are more open-minded than adults and are able to plug into the spirit world because they haven’t been told that these other realms do not exist yet. As we age, barriers are drilled into our psyche, and the freedoms to explore the universe are taken from us unwillingly. However, the young can still see the world for what it truly is – infinite. 

Child Sees A Ghost

What Do I Do If My Child Sees A Ghost?

That’s why when you talk to little kids, you might hear stories about past lives that don’t quite make sense. There have been thousands of cases where kids remember tragic accidents or crimes that took place before they were born.

Another theory suggests that kids’ brains and nervous systems are not yet fully developed, so children can see things that their adult counterparts simply cannot. 

The reason is ultimately unclear but kids seeing ghosts is a real phenomenon that occurs in our lives on a regular basis. 

What does it mean when a child sees a spirit?

If your child has ever come to you and confessed that they have seen a spirit in their room, don’t be alarmed. This is not a sign that your kids are more susceptible to mental illness. In fact, kids who talk about seeing spirits or ghosts could be showing an early indication of psychic abilities.

As they age, most learn to distinguish reality from fantasy, but psychic kids continue to see beyond. The ability kids have to see spirits and communicate with the dead is often seen as an emotional sign that kids are psychic.

The most important thing you should do if your child comes to you saying they’ve seen a spirit is not to panic. 

Children Who Think They See Monsters In Their Rooms

Children Who Think They See Monsters In Their Rooms

Kids see ghosts. It’s more common than you think and more times than not… they are harmless encounters. But what if your child is afraid of the dark? What if they are terrified of the things they see at night? Sometimes, our littles don’t have the capacity to understand what they are seeing and that’s when they start to feel overwhelmed. 

Stay calm. If your child ever comes to you with fear overseeing ghost children or seeing spirits in general, do not react irrationally. If your children are terrified of ghosts or spirits and it starts to affect their sleeping patterns, it might have a huge effect on their health. That’s the last thing you want. 

There’s also the fear that night terrors will start to set in. Once little children begin to have a true fear of the dark, it’s pretty hard to break. Establish trust and set a safe space where the two of you can speak about what they are seeing and make sure you are always available to chat. 

Parents should never dismiss what kids see or hear because they are too young to handle the amount of fear ghosts inflict on their minds. It is irrational and unusual and literally not of this world. They need their moms and dads more than anything else. 

Some kids might benefit from seeing a therapist who is trained in children’s mental health and able to help kids process kids’ emotions. Consider a psychic as well, one who can talk through their situations, and help them feel more comfortable about what they are experiencing.

Some people even benefit from seeing an empath or spiritual guide. These individuals will help your children learn how to cope with their feelings in healthy ways. An empath is able to sense the emotional state of their surroundings and kids can learn how to locate their emotions as well as learn about their own psychic abilities.

Once your children are able to process their own experiences, they will be able to form boundaries and sleep safely back in their own beds. Control is everything! They need to learn how to take back control of their space and at such a young age, it isn’t so easy to understand. 

imaginary friend

Does My Child Just Have An Imaginary Friend?

Parents often wonder if all this talk about ghosts is really just another word for “imaginary friend”. Imaginary friends are very common for children who have active imaginations and oftentimes, most ghost stories are typically wrapped up with playful storylines.

However, you should never dismiss a child who is obsessively telling you to listen to them about a haunting. If they are insisting there is an unwanted ghost in their room, then that doesn’t sound like a friend to me!

On the flip side, psychic children oftentimes make friends with ghosts and eventually begin to spend a lot of time with their spirit buddies. Regardless, children who see ghosts should learn how to protect themselves from them. 

Psychic Kids

Some kids might be able to communicate with the spirits of dead relatives while other kids might actually see ghosts who are still haunting their neighborhood or personal home. It is possible that your child has psychic abilities and is not just imagining a ghost friend.

Children who use psychic abilities to communicate with supernatural beings need to learn how to protect themselves from ghosts who are harmful or threatening. It is important for parents to encourage this personal growth. By doing so, they will learn to block out the spirits’ ability to engage with them on a regular basis and will ultimately end their fear of ghosts. 

psychic kids

When it comes to how to handle your child having psychic abilities, you want to be sure that is what they are experiencing and not just a very vivid imagination. If kids are starting to see ghosts then your job as a parent is to find out what kind of ghosts kids are seeing and whether or not the ghosts are harmful. If kids have started to see ghosts and feel the emotions of the ghosts then your job as a parent is to help kids stay calm and healthy while being able to communicate with these beings. Kids who can make friends with ghosts are going to need parents’ help in developing their own boundaries while learning how to protect themselves from any harmful or frightening ghosts.

Parents need to be able to recognize when their child is telling the truth about what they see and feel, but other parents might find it easier to pretend that kids are just imagining things. In order for children to have a place of safety, they need parents who believe them as well as parents who can help kids develop psychic abilities so that kids can learn how to protect themselves.

It is safest for children to fall into the arms of their parents and be able to trust that they will understand what kids are going through. This means keeping an open mind and allowing a child to talk about how they feel while also learning all there is about psychic abilities.

If you are wondering whether or not your child is psychic, here are some signs that they might be.

Can Babies See Ghosts?

Signs Your Child Is Psychic

Your child is able to sense danger before it arises and even knows when someone on the other end of a phone call is in trouble. They can easily tell if someone is lying about something big or small. 

Your child can see the dead or communicate with them in some way, they are not afraid of these beings and feel that they are safe around them.


Your child avoids mirrors, moss or even knives which can indicate that there is a spirit attached to their energy. If you look closely at your child’s aura colors then you might also notice that they are the same as the ghost.

Your child hasn’t had an imaginary friend in a while and now they are talking to someone invisible, these could be spirits from the other side. If your child talks about being able to see their relatives on the other side then this is another sign that your child probably has psychic abilities.

Your child is a natural healer and has the ability to place their hands on someone and feel what they are going through or where they hurt. This could be another sign that your child has psychic abilities because of the intuitive nature with which this comes to kids who are psychically gifted.

Look for other signs such as: Feeling overwhelming emotions, being able to hear things that others do not, knowing when something is off even if they cannot explain how they know. If you find your child making predictions about the future then this might also indicate psychic abilities and gifts.

Can a child be haunted?

It is possible for a child to be haunted. This is why it is very important to trust whatever your child confesses to you about what is happening in their lives.

can a child be haunted

What To Do If Your Child Says They See ‘Ghosts’

If your child tells you that they believe they are seeing ghosts and are bombarded with ghost sightings, the last thing you should do is not believe them. They need a safe place to fall and it should be in your arms. Right now, their home is being invaded by forces of the unknown. There isn’t a place they can hide from the undead. If you are someone they can no longer trust, then that leaves them utterly alone. Can you imagine how that would feel?

Keep talking to them. Have them draw out in detail what they are seeing, feeling. Allow them to walk you through everything. Ask how many times they have seen this particular apparition? What does it look like? How long has it been there? Is it always in one place? Does it move around at all? Are other people able to see it too? The more you talk, the more you can either convince your child it’s not real… or convince yourself that it is.