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What Do Mermaids Eat? Are They Vegetarian?

There is such an allure surrounding mermaids and many are curious about what they eat on a regular basis. Confusion sets in when people try to determine whether or not they are omnivores, carnivores, or herbivores.

Since the species is half-human and half-fish, mermaids remain an enigma. Does it make sense for one to eat other sea creatures or would that be cannibalistic in nature?

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What Do Mermaids Eat?

As underwater creatures, it’s safe to conclude that merpeople would most resemble dolphins, eating seafood, as in fishes, squids, and crustaceans such as shrimps. However, you could also include clams, lobsters, crabs, oysters, and bottom-dwelling invertebrates as well.

Their overall diet contains a high dose of protein and is rich in vitamins. You would find merfolk either hunting on their own or in packs while making use of various tools to assist in the attack.  

But do they hunt whenever they get hungry or is fish farming the way to go? Do merpeople raise fish as humans do in order to eat them with ease? Odds are they never need to worry about developments like this since the ocean is filled with abundance.

What about the vegetarian mermaid? Some believe that since a part of them is half-fish, they could feel against eating their counterparts. It is possible to live on a diet filled with sea veggies like kelp and seaweed. As long as their meals consisted of the right mix of vitamins and nutrients, there would be no need to kill in order to survive.

Like with the human population, geography is the deciding factor in a mermaid’s diet. In cold waters, they might not survive without fish, while equatorial tribes would fend better living off of a plant-based diet. 

Merpeople are able to eat landfood, but do not enjoy the taste of anything found outside of the sea and tend to avoid these options at all cost.

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What Do Mermaids Drink?

Both parts of a mermaid – human and fish – need water. So, it’s natural that merpeople will also drink water. Like saltwater fish, mermaids need to constantly consume water in order to remain hydrated.

Mermaids’ Favorite Food

There are many different things that merpeople enjoy eating, but it seems that seaweed is what they end up chewing on most during the day. Thankfully, this item comes in endless supply.

On big occasions, the pod will collectively dine on a hunted catch together, resembling holidays we share – like Thanksgiving Day. Community is very important to this species.

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Humans as Part of Mermaids’ Diet

You have probably heard a myth saying mermaids eat humans and are wondering whether it’s true or not.

Let me put the worry out of your mind – mermaids do not eat humans. However, there is a mythical creature that does and you should be warned – the siren.

A siren’s body also consists of two parts, with their upper half resembling a human. However, their lower half looks more like a bird. Unlike the benevolent merpeople, sirens lure people with their beautiful songs with only one purpose – to eat them.

This might be why most think that mermaids kill humans and eat them! They are confusing the two species and getting their folklore mixed up.