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What Do Werewolves Eat? A Comprehensive Breakdown

When determining what werewolves eat, we must first dissect what part of the country they reside in as location determines culinary options. A lycanthrope residing in a city will have a very different diet compared to one who sets up shop in a more rural region.

what do werewolves eat

What Do Werewolves Eat? A Comprehensive Breakdown

What do werewolves eat? City dwellers would focus on rats, squirrels, pigeons, stray dogs, and cats. Lycanthrope residing closer to wooded areas would focus more on deer, rabbits, moose, beavers, and elk.

There is also concerns over whether or not werewolves are capable of consuming items like chocolate considering dog species are harmed by such things. And what about alcohol, drugs, and caffeine? Would they have any effect at all on a beast that is able to self-preserve and self-heal? Let’s break down each of these concepts with a deeper dive.

werewolf diet

Meat Is The Priority

Werewolves are keto! Ok, that was cheesy. But in all seriousness, the main thing that drives one to get up at night and explore is to hunt for … meat. Specifically raw meat. You won’t find a werewolf on line for the hottest BBQ joint. They prefer fresh kill. It’s a good thing they are such incredible hunters and have outstanding reflexes.

If too much time passes between a meal, problems begin to occur. Werewolves start to feel weaker and can lose control of themselves when hungry. Typically, a werewolf does not hunt humans, but if he/she cannot find something to eat… then they will.

There is a small paranormal camp that believes werewolves actually need blood to survive in a similar way that vampires do because they prefer raw meat and fresh kills. As they consume their freshly dead victims, some believe they also drink a portion of the victim’s blood… as nourishment. However, this is highly disputed.

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North American Werewolf Diets

As you travel the world, the answers might vary. However, here in the states, diet very much varies based on location. Depending on where the werewolf lives, he/she would have to eat what they have available to them.

Dwelling Within Cities:

  • Stray cats/dogs
  • Rats
  • Pet Stores
  • Raw meat that was pre-purchased
  • Pigeons
  • Squirrels
werewolf in the woods

Country / Wooded Regions

  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Beavers
  • Bear
  • Moose
  • Elk
  • Fish (last resort)
  • Other woodland creatures


  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Horse
  • Lamb
  • Goat
  • Pig
  • Dog
can lycanthrope get drunk

Would Alcohol Or Caffeine Affect A Werewolf?

Given a lycanthrope’s incredibly fast healing rate, alcohol, caffeine, and even drug consumption are interesting questions to approach. Let’s pretend that a werewolf came across bottles of bourbon and somehow figured out how to open them and drink several at once.

What a dangerous idea – a drunk werewolf! 100 times more dangerous than before, right? Using that same notion, let’s replace bourbon with a Red Bull.

What if a werewolf somehow was able to ingest an unusual amount of caffeine in one swoop. The two scenarios are horrifically dangerous. I don’t want to run into a werewolf by any means, but I most certainly don’t want to run into a overly caffeinated or a drunk one either.

But are these ideas even possible? Would substances like these or illegal substances like drugs able to have any sort of lasting effect on the lycan species? A werewolf’s healing capability is almost instant. If they can heal from a stab wound, then why wouldn’t they be able to burn off a little alcohol in their system at an equally rapid pace?

Using this logic, it seems that the conclusion is that most werewolves living in a normal / healthy state would be unable to be affected by substances for longer than a few seconds / minutes – if that.

dogs and chocolate

Dogs And Chocolate

Another interesting thing to think about is chocolate. As you know, most dogs cannot consume chocolate because it is considered harmful to them due to one particular component – theobromine. Could theobromine also harm werewolves? Is this another form of the silver bullet?

I’m not saying theobromine would kill a werewolf because that is ridiculous, but maybe it would put them out of sorts for a bit. Maybe it would make them sick or disoriented – even for just a moment – which would give people a chance to escape a deadly situation.

However, just like our discussion with alcohol and caffeine, werewolves have the ability to heal immediately. So, if you feed a Lycan chocolate and expect them to fall for an extended period of time, think again. It might just buy you an extra minute or two which could be all you need. Their healing powers are unmatched.

What Do Werewolves Eat When They Are In Their Human Form?

Would you be able to spot a lycanthrope if you were sitting across from him in a cafe during the day? Are there any habits that you could point out to friends that are tell-tale signs?

No. During the day and while in human form, a werewolf looks and acts like everyone else in the world – uniformly the same and uniquely different at the same time. We all have the same habits and different ones at once. So, you wouldn’t be able to notice anything unusual about a werewolf while they are in their human form. It just doesn’t work that way.

Some people believe that a werewolf could never be a vegetarian, but is that the case? A werewolf’s need for raw meat only happens when he has turned. These impulse desires are not replicated while they are in their human form. So, it is quite possible that you could see a werewolf eating a salad on a Tuesday afternoon.

werewolf eats

Are There Any Survivors During A Lycanthrope’s Feeding?

This is an interesting question because paranormal enthusiasts love to link werewolves and vampires and compare them all the time. Would we ever find a moment when a lycanthrope would be in the middle of a feeding and spare the victim?

We have seen a million instances in history where folklore suggested vampires spared their victims – only taking what they needed and leaving the human to live another day. A feeding didn’t always have to turn into a killing for the vampire community, but is that possible for shape-shifters?

The answer is no. A werewolf does not have the control needed to stop during a feeding. There is a difference between the two types of supernatural creatures. A vampire is very much in control of his / her actions – especially once they are no longer a newborn. A werewolf is not. So, if you ever found yourself at the mercy of a lycanthrope, it would be your end.