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What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With The Teeth?

The tooth fairy’s responsibility is to collect recently lost teeth from children all around the world. But what does the tooth fairy do with the teeth that she collects? That’s the question that many children often ask their parents after placing their singular molar under their pillow before heading to bed.

what does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth

According to folklore, the tooth fairies are tiny and are able to squeeze through even the smallest gap in any window. They have wings that help them fly and, depending on which story you read, can either be male or female. Most stories reference the lot as entirely female, there are a few instances where male representation shows up. Either way, the species is able to put children into a deep sleep when near, which is why no one has ever seen one to date.

Do Tooth Fairies keep the tooth

Why do Tooth Fairies collect teeth?

According to what is known about Tooth Fairies, they collect teeth to build their houses – Tooth Castles – and other buildings. However, if a collected tooth isn’t strong enough, has a unique form, or has a dark spot on it, it won’t be suitable for construction. So there are several other ways for Tooth Fairies to put that kind of teeth to use: 

  • They can grind those teeth into fairy dust that helps fairies fly and do magic;
  • They can make jewelry or some art piece out of those teeth and give it as a present to other fairies;
  • They can turn those teeth into seashells;
  • They can collect some truly remarkable teeth and store them in a vault as treasure or can send them up into the sky to turn into stars;
  • They can cut out unsuitable parts and mold several teeth together to make a fake tooth – a tooth implant. 

Anyway, Tooth Fairies need teeth for a variety of things, and even if a tooth they find isn’t in the best condition, they’ll find a way to not let it go to waste. 

Do Tooth Fairies keep the tooth?

Sometimes they do. If a tooth is in excellent condition – meaning it has a smooth color, is strong, or has a particularly unique shape – then the fairy will keep it for themselves. In those cases, special teeth are kept safely in their vaults – tucked away with other important items.

How do Tooth Fairies know when to come?

It’s quite similar to how Santa Claus operates. Magic! Santa knows every child’s name and whether or not they’ve been good or bad, right? The same goes for these fairies.

Tooth Fairies also manage an ever-changing list of every child’s name, and when a child’s tooth falls out, a golden bell rings in the Queen’s castle. Once the message is received, providing the name and location, the Queen decides who will visit the child.

Why do children have to put their teeth under their pillows

Why do children have to put their teeth under their pillows?

Pillows historically have been used as a designated safety spot for loose teeth. If every child uses the pillow, it will make the Tooth Fairy’s job much easier. Imagine having to search all around a messy room looking for a tiny tooth! Impossible.

Why does Tooth Fairy give money for teeth?

While it might be common for the Tooth Fairy to leave money where you live, other regions could have different traditions. Believe it or not, it’s not always money!

They can leave a small gift instead – a cute dental kit, a note, or a magical coin. The gifts are the fairies’ way of showing that they appreciate the child’s help. When a kid loses a tooth, it is a great gain for fairies, so that’s why they give something in exchange.

Where does the Tooth Fairies get her money?

Some people say that a Tooth Fairy needs only to wish to create money. Every fairy has their own magic wand, making their job a breeze. Other stories claim that when a fairy finds a really special tooth, they send it to the sky, transform it into stars, collect the stardust, which they later use to make gold. Eventually, they exchange gold for money.  Both stories would enable the fairies to have enough money to offer up a gift every night for all those loose teeth!