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What You Need to Know About Tooth Fairy

Ever wonder what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects and whether or not she keeps the ones that have cavities? Many children across the globe have these questions and so many more. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most famous fairies in all the land.

What You Need to Know About Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a tiny mystical creature that visits a child whenever they lose a baby tooth. To receive a visit from a Tooth Fairy, you must place a tooth under your pillow. She will then come at night and take it, leaving a small gift in exchange.

What do Tooth Fairies look like?

Tooth Fairies are very tiny. We know that they are small because of their ability to squeeze into small spaces, including window gaps and underneath pillows. Some say that these magical creatures are 100% female, but there are other resources claiming that males make up a portion of their population.

Unfortunately, we won’t ever truly know the story behind their gender, because this group likes to stay well-hidden and away from peering eyes. One of their many abilities is to keep children in a deep sleep while they take claim to their prizes. Therefore, a sighting would be very unlikely.

Why do Tooth Fairies collect teeth

Why do Tooth Fairies collect teeth?

The main reason why Tooth Fairies collects teeth is that they need them to build the infrastructure of their cities – including all the buildings and roads. When teeth aren’t strong enough to perform this duty, whether they are generally weak or have a cavity somewhere in it, they are not put to waste. Instead, the community has several other uses in store:

  • They can grind those teeth into fairy dust that helps fairies fly and do magic;
  • They can make jewelry or some art piece out of those teeth and give it as a present to other fairies;
  • They can turn those teeth into seashells;
  • They can collect some truly remarkable teeth and store them in a vault as treasure or can send them up into the sky to turn into stars;
  • They can cut out unsuitable parts and mold several teeth together to make a fake tooth – a tooth implant. 

No matter what, nothing goes to waste. 

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Is A Tooth Every Considered Special?

On rare occasions, a fairy might come across a very special tooth that is too good for a home or a piece of jewelry. Those unique items are typically stored away securely in a personal vault and considered treasure. If you’d like your tooth to be considered treasure, it is best to keep up with regular dental visits and daily brushing.

Is A Tooth Every Considered Special

How do Tooth Fairies know when to come?

Similar to how Santa Claus knows whose house to visit on Christmas Eve, the Tooth Fairy knows which pillows to visit every night due to her magical instinct and powers. They possess a list of every child’s name whose tooth fell out during the day and locations are sorted throughout the community and divided per region.

Why do children have to use their pillows?

Pillows are the traditional place to store teeth, but the truth is that children will still receive a visit from the Tooth Fairy no matter what. This is true even if the tooth is lost, swallowed, or stuck in the sink drain. A pact is a pact and no child is left behind during the process.

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Is money the only exchange?

Money is not always given out when the magical creatures visit children at night. It really all depends on what part of the world you live in. Every region has different customs. There are some areas where little ones receive small gifts instead.

And before you ask, there is a special way that the Tooth Fairy creates money. It’s with her magic wand! But all magic needs something in order for it to work. First, she must offer up a really special tooth and send it to the sky, turn it into stardust and then transform it into gold. When the change is complete, the fairy can exchange the gold for money.

This job is neverending and special! Thank goodness for these supernatural creatures!

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