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Where Do Vampires Live – How To Find One In The Real World

Most people spend all of their efforts avoiding vampires, but there are individuals seeking out the undead in hopes of finally meeting one in real life.

If you want to know where vampires live and are curious about where to find one, here’s a detailed round-up of everything you need to know.

where do vampires live

According to a recent study, there are 5,000 vampires living in the United States alone. Before you start sharpening a wooden stake, let’s define what that exactly means. These living and breathing humans choose to self-identify as vampires and drink both human and animal blood as part of their ritual.

Let’s explore some of the places these creatures of the night gather as well as where one might find a traditional vampire outside of the states.

Vampire Clubs In New Orleans

Vampire Clubs In New Orleans

As mentioned, there are people who identify themselves as vampires – even though they don’t necessarily fall under the supernatural category. Over time, they’ve collectively come together and formed groups where they can bond and share experiences. These organizations can be found all across the country, but if you happen to live in New Orleans, be sure to check out the New Orleans Vampire Association.

NOVA doesn’t concern itself with Count Dracula or any of the Twilight Vampires. In fact, these meetings are real and they are happeing TODAY. This group consists of self-identifying vampires who either drink blood or live off the energies of other individuals. They gather on a regular basis and continuously connect in a spiritual and meaningful way.

According to their official website, NOVA is composed of “artists, priests, mystics, lawyers, teachers, writers, parents, married couples, and single” individuals.

Besides the New Orleans Vampire Association, there are plenty of other vampire cults and clubs in the region. You will even come across a variety of vampire speakeasies, but you will have to know where to look. For that type of entertainment, you don’t necessarily need a membership, just an IN.

By the way, if it has a website, it isn’t a vampire speakeasy. Your best bet is to ask around once you hit the ground on Bourbon.

Vampire Clubs In Atlanta

You don’t have to travel to New Orleans to find the undead. If you happen to live in Atlanta, there is an organization waiting for you filled with people who self-identify in your neck of the woods.

According to their website, the vampires of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance – or the AVA – are “living human beings, often psychic, who have a need for the life force of others, and they have come together as a group to study and better understand that need.”

Now, when I say they live off the life force of others – again it could be by blood or energy. So, not every living vampire drinks blood. There are mixed, sang, and psi vampires – meaning that each individual has their own way of retrieving energy. Remember that.

houston vampire club

The Houston Vampire Court

Naturally, Texas needed to get something together for their vampire community since it’s ever-growing. The Houston Vampire Court strives to create a community for the newly awakened and is working hard at achieving just that.

One thing that I’ve noticed about all of these groups – there is a heavy charity component which I absolutely love. For more information, click here.


Traditional Vampire Covens Keep To Themselves

According to folklore, you wouldn’t find any of these current clubs in history. Vampires terrified surrounding towns and had to hide in the shadows. Therefore, any covens, unions, marriages, or meetings, had to be done in absolute secret. Today, we live with new rules and under different terms making it easier for those who self-identify as a vampire to reach out and connect with like-minded people.

As you travel, you will hear different terms for the vampire

  • shtriga in Albania
  • vrykolakas in Greece
  • strigoi in Romania

Some even believe the chupacabra is linked to the vampire, and as you know, this creature is still believed in to some degree by a handful of people to this day.

No matter where you go and no matter what you call them, the vampire will always remain a myth and without full understanding. But one thing is clear, traditionally none of these alliances would have existed. Information about covens would never have been posted on polls or handed out as pamphlets. A vampire’s life was one of isolation and secrecy.

Today’s vampire gets to live a much freer life. One that is still very much misunderstood, but not one that is threatened with the true death.

How To Find A Vampire

How To Find A Vampire

According to Romanian legends, you need two things to find a vampire and even if you have them, it still won’t be easy. Grab yourself a 7-year-old boy and a white horse. No, really.

Once you have the boy, be sure to dress him in all white. Put him on a horse and set him loose in a graveyard – midday. Wherever they stop is the grave of a vampire.

Other notable places to look besides cemeteries:

  • areas of reported satanic ritual
  • crossroads
  • popular suicide spots
  • sewers
  • empty streets
  • urban cities

Things to Consider

  • History reports that vampires live where their bodies were originally buried which means that they can be anywhere and everywhere. People die all over the world.
  • They can also travel upon will and go as they please. So, even though they must return at night to their place of death, they have the ability to travel great lengths while awake.
  • Vampires are eternal.

So, while we can all make up long lists and make assumptions about where vampires reside, the truth of the matter is that they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I suppose the best answer is that if you want find a vampire, he or she will have to want to find you first.


Could Your Next Door Neighbor Be A Vampire?

We’ve all seen the movies – the dashing and alluring vampire that can glimmer and glamour his way through any situation. The handsome devil that girls are begging them to bite. The man who can just blend into society and bends every will his way.

The truth of the matter is that historically and according to folklore, vampires were actually quite ghoulish looking – monstrous in fact! There was never anything written about a vampire that was alluring in any way. So, if we were to follow the history, none of these current Hollywood standards MATCH.

Do not worry about your neighbors or friends. A vampire is a vampire and they look like they are perpetually on the hunt. They were always noted to be filthy and typically even had red eyes. If you saw one, you would know. Could they have evolved over time? Maybe. But it isn’t your UPS man… no matter how he looks at you.

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Where Do Vampires Sleep?

The traditional vampire needed to sleep in soil. If we were to dissect Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” he actually needed to sleep in the soil of his homeland (Transylvania). That’s why, if you remember, when he moved to England, he literally had to ship BOXES OF DIRT from his COUNTRY with him. So, there is a curse that the vampire lives with.

However, if you continue to read on and dissect other literature, the curse didn’t age with the vampire and eventually lost its way. According to more modern discussions, it seems that vampires can now pretty much sleep anywhere they chose.

Do Vampires Even Need To Sleep?

If you want to break down the psychological aspects of a vampire, their heart is no longer beating and their body does not need rest. So, why on Earth would a vampire then need to sleep?

Hundreds of years ago, one would argue that it would be to speed up the passing of the day. There weren’t many places that they could go in order to avoid the sun and perhaps they didn’t want to risk exposure. So, sleep was the best way to get to the night… the quickest.

However, in modern times, there would be absolutely no reason for a vampire to sleep. Blackout shades, wifi, man caves – who needs to rest when the world is at your fingertips – 24 hours a day?

sleeping in a coffin

Do Vampires Need A Coffin?

Using the same logic, and bringing up the original written vampire and his story, Bram Stoker’s Dracula did need a coffin because he needed to sleep surrounded by the dirt of his homeland. However, we have debunked this notion and recognize that modern-day vamps no longer need this item to survive. So, technically, today, a vampire would not need a coffin to exist safely.

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