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White Orbs Of Light In Photos – Ghosts Or Dust?

Have you ever taken a photo before and noticed white orbs of light oddly distributed that you didn’t notice with your naked eye? Most believe that when you capture orbs in photos, you are actually documenting paranormal activity.

white orbs of light in photo

White Orbs Of Light In Photos – Ghosts Or Dust?

I’m using personal pictures from a very long time ago that show that I’ve personally documented these apparitions myself. I was always curious about why I was able to capture these images on camera and never see them with the naked eye. And in case you are wondering, these aren’t the only images in possession.

What are orbs? Spirit orbs are defined as semi-transparent white balls that float around at will. On video, these specks usually hop around the room with intent.

They start off aimlessly floating and then end up zipping in the opposite direction without warning. They move with their own free will and not in response to the natural environment. The balls are not reacting to any particular gust of wind or air conditioning vent.

spirit orb

The debate is open, however. Are white orbs of light just dust? People who believe in the paranormal do not think so. There are too many supernatural occurrences documented from all around the wall where spectators tell different stories.

And before you ask, spirit orbs come in many different colors – not just white – and they come in a variety of shapes as well. So, while most can argue away circles for dust… how can you argue oddly shaped fractures? I think further discussion is needed.

And remember, it also matters where you are. Sometimes spirits are directly linked to a particular location and have nothing to do with you or the people you are with. Perhaps while you are on a ghost tour in New Mexico or visiting the Freemont Troll, you will come across some active energies. No matter where you visit, keep snapping!

Things To Consider

  • Is your camera lens smeared?
  • Is light reflecting from another object in the room?
  • Are your hands shaky and you are causing the deformity?
  • Do you continuously document spirit orbs in the same place over and over again?
seeing spirit orbs in camera

Can I See Spirit Orbs With My Eye Or Do I Need A Camera?

You can see these unusually shaped spirits with the naked eye, but the camera is a more powerful tool. So, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for you to take a photo and see something on your camera that you did not witness LIVE.

Next time you are walking around a haunted cemetery or playing the ouija board with friends (spoiler alert – please don’t do that), consider having someone snap photos as you do. Your naked eye will miss things that your camera won’t.

If you are someone who feels like they are frequently visited by the old hag, consider setting an automatic camera up in your room and reacts based on movement. That would definitely be something I’d want to capture!

Who Might Visit Me?

  • Pets
  • Loved ones
  • Spirits linked to the location you are visiting
  • Don’t just think about evil entities – it could just be your cat, Larry!

Speaking of pets, they are very sensitive to all types of energy. So, don’t be alarmed if your animals begin to pick up spiritual energy before you do.

white orbs are good

If you happen to come across a white orb in one of your photos, think about who in your life has loved you and might want to pop in for a visit. I look at them as guardian angels. Something that isn’t around all the time but that has good intentions. The best thing you can do is to keep your energy positive and happy.

Negative attracts negative. So, it’s best to keep your heart clean and full of joy. If you’ve seen a spirit orb, lucky you! Do not be afraid. Someone loves you and just wanted to say hello or “woof” one more time.